Client Assignments

Non-Profit Client
Grant Solicitation Review and Budget Preparation

Our Non-Profit Client came to us for help in analyzing a grant solicitation and preparing a budget for their proposal. 


Within a matter of hours, we had reviewed the grant solicitation and met with the Non-Profit Client to discuss the particulars of the grant solicitation. Afterwards, we developed a draft budget which we revised based on information provided to us from our Non-Profit Client.


This is still an ongoing Client Assignment.

For-Profit Client (Custodial Company)
New Start-Up Company / Executive Coaching

The owner of this new start-up custodial company came to us for assistance in Executive Coaching. We have provided advise to the Executive on conducting background checks, establishing new employee relations, employee retention, business development strategies, and maintaining its clients' relationships. 


This is still an ongoing Client Assignment.

Potential For-Profit Client (Private Charter School)
Conduct A School Physical Security Inspection

This For-Profit Charter School reached out to us to conduct a School Physical Security Inspection. 


We will be meeting with this Potential Client Soon.